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EMDR Online Therapy, EMDR Video Therapy

EMDR OnlineYes, we can do EMDR online therapy! I offer safe, effective, secure EMDR online therapy through Zoom’s HIPAA platform. The EMDR online video system I use also doesn’t require you to download any extra software, set-up any accounts.

Just like if we were meeting in-person in my office and using an EMDR light and audio bar, (click here to see my short video on What an EMDR session is like?) during an EMDR video teletherapy session, you will be able to see on your device screen a moving dot you’ll follow for eye movements and you’ll be able to hear bilateral audio tones. Just like in my office, I’ll be able to adjust the bilateral settings for your comfort and tailor them to what’s happening during your session. We also have the option of just doing bilateral physical tapping that I guide you through to take the place of the tappers.

In all cases, we will still be able to see each other and talk to each other throughout the EMDR online session while staying within the secure Zoom video session. Technology is amazing.

Does EMDR online therapy work?

EMDR Certified TherapistI’m a Certified EMDR therapist and I’ve been doing EMDR therapy in-person with clients for 14 years now. One of the good things about the pandemic is that it prompted me to immerse myself in all the resources available to do effective EMDR teletherapy. In the process of my research, I discovered that there are EMDR therapists around the country and the world who have been doing EMDR online therapy for many years and finding that clients experience the benefits and results that they saw when working with clients in-person.

I’ve done EMDR video sessions with clients who I did EMDR with in my office as well as with new clients that I’ve not had the opportunity to meet in person. They report and I have seen that the EMDR online sessions work.

What’s the EMDR Online Therapy Process?

Prior to your first EMDR online session for memory reprocessing, we will still go through the other important steps in the EMDR protocol: identification of problems and goals, history gathering, discovery work to identify what memories are at the root of the issues you’d like to resolve, and preparation phase. EMDR is much more than bilateral stimulation. EMDR is about identifying the memories that are the root cause of present day problems and then reprocessing the correct memories in the right sequence to efficiently and effectively put the past to rest.

Based on what you’re experiencing present day due to the pandemic, we may first do some EMDR to process the current anxiety, grief, trauma, or other distress that you may be experiencing due to the current state of the world. Or we’ll begin working on resolving issues that were present before social distancing changed your daily life.

Creating Your Therapeutic Space for Online Therapy and Reducing Stress of Teletherapy

I’ve selected user-friendly teletherapy platforms and am happy to walk you through and orient you to the process. I’ve also created a handout on how to prepare for your online therapy session with me. The handout covers how to create a therapeutic space for yourself in your home or office, and simple, technology preparation steps. The handout includes screen shots of the EMDR online system I use for the bilateral portion of EMDR teletherapy.

What is EMDR therapy?

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