Online Therapy

Online Therapy, Teletherapy, Video and Phone Counseling

I offer secure teletherapy also known as online therapy consisting of video sessions and phone sessions for new and existing clients who are located in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and for clients who are in Florida. This includes Trauma Informed teletherapy, EMDR online therapy, Career Coaching, and online counseling for anxiety, grief, relationship challenges, and stress management.

I use Zoom’s HIPAA compliant teletherapy software for easy to use, secure video sessions. This gives you the convenience of doing your online therapy sessions with me on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, while keeping your online therapy sessions confidential. Once we’ve met by video, you also have the convenience of phone sessions.

How Teletherapy Can Help You Now During the Pandemic?

online therapyThe stay-at-home guidelines for the pandemic, may make you feel like your life is in a holding pattern and you may be feeling stuck. Current events have created new stressors which have led to anxiety, grief, feeling overwhelmed, disrupted sleep, or created relationship challenges with family and friends. Watching the daily news is also creating secondary trauma.

The good news is that with teletherapy you can continue to move forward with some aspects of your life and in the process feel better. You can also reduce the toll of current or past distressing or traumatic experiences.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

My clients report positive experiences and results with our online therapy sessions. I’ve done online sessions with clients who I’ve never met in person in my office as well as clients who already had an established relationship in my office. The good news is that new and existing clients report that the sessions help them feel better and they feel connected and supported in our online relationship. They also enjoy the convenience and time saving aspects of online sessions. Research shows that teletherapy is as effective as in-person counseling.

I’m a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider (BC-TMH)

When you work with me you can be confident that I follow effective, ethical practices for conducting online therapy. Years before the pandemic prompted all of us to move to online therapy, I earned the designation of Board Certified Telemental Health Provider, which was previously called Distance Credentialed Counselor (in 2014-2018). These credentials were received based on several days of training and passing an essay examination in 2014 and again in 2018 demonstrating my knowledge of effective and ethical practices for conducting teletherapy by video, phone and email. I have maintained this telemental credential through annual continuing education courses on telemental health practices.

In 2020, I also completed many hours of training to learn safe, effective and ethical practices for conducting EMDR online therapy and trauma informed counseling online. I have seen how EMDR is also very effective online.

Telehealth for Clients Located in Georgia and Florida

As a LPC in GA, I am licensed to provide online therapy to clients who are physically located in Georgia at the time of our sessions.  I am also a Florida Telehealth Provider. I have met the requirements to be an out-of-state telehealth provider for clients who are located in Florida during our sessions.

Would you like to do video teletherapy, but are wondering how do I find the time and privacy with family at home and juggling work, home schooling and other stress?

teletherapy atlantaI’ve created a handout for my clients that provides tips and suggestions for how to create a private, therapeutic safe for your video counseling sessions. It’s also okay if you need to stop in the middle of your session to attend to someone. It happens and that’s okay. Usually it just takes just a few minutes for a client to attend to it, and then they’re back. I’ll wait and you can come back to the session. I also work with my clients to offer flexible appointment times that work with their schedule.

Some clients are doing sessions in their cars or while taking a walk. Others are scheduling sessions when family members are outside for the afternoon, engaged in school work, or watching a movie. We’ll find the time and place that works best for you.

Would you like to test out a video therapy session?

We can do a free, 10 minute Zoom video session, so you can get a feel for it.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.