Client Reviews for Atlanta Therapist, Kalpana Murthy, LPC
for Therapy & Coaching

Testimonial 18

My therapy with Kalpana was outstanding. I have been in therapy much of my adult life due to childhood traumas. I have worked with several different therapists across the country, and I can tell you the Kalpana is a very special therapist. Her background in EMDR is stellar and makes a huge difference in recovering from traumas. I learned a lot from her and enjoyed working with her. She is very compassionate and yet holds clients accountable. She has a very warm style and is always willing to help and listen. I am a former executive that needed flexibility in my appointments, and she always found the time that worked mutually for us. I highly recommend her as a therapist – it will make a huge difference in your life.

Testimonial 14

Kalpana, you have given me so much insight and helped me through a really tough patch, and I’m so grateful for that. The EMDR sessions have been immensely helpful, and I feel more grounded and confident than ever before. Most importantly, you’ve helped me realize that I can move beyond ideals of perfection and trying to fit a certain mold. You helped me uncover and reprocess memories that have been roadblocks to me for many, many years. I’m certain that this therapy enabled me to reduce stress, overcome infertility and improve my confidence in and out of work.

Testimonial 2

The therapy I’ve done with Kalpana has helped me more than any other therapy I’ve had over my whole life. I finally feel “unstuck” and able to move forward. Kalpana helped me tremendously to get through a difficult time and helped me see how all the anxiety I was experiencing was linked to early unresolved childhood trauma. Her counseling helped me so much. My anxiety is still way down and not all-consuming the way it used to be. Kalpana made a difference in my life. She does GREAT work!

Testimonial 3

I can honestly say that the therapy I experienced with Kalpana was life changing. Physical and emotional abuse during childhood led to a life that was shadowed with sadness and despair that kept me from being happy and enjoying my life. Kalpana’s skill as a therapist coupled with the EMDR has allowed me to move beyond the traumas of the past. I literally feel lighter! Thank you Kalpana, you have truly found your calling!

Testimonial 4

Throughout the course of my adult life, I have struggled off and on with bouts of depression. I have seen numerous counselors over the past 15 years. When I sought Kalpana’s professional services, I was really struggling at work. I wasn’t sure if the problem was professional or emotional. I chose Kalpana because of her counseling and career coaching backgrounds. I thought someone with both skill sets would be very beneficial to me.

I was very at ease with Kalpana immediately. While maintaining the professional bounds of a counselor, I still felt more like I was talking with a trusted friend than a counselor. We had a great rapport and she was able to put me at ease such that I could express the feelings that I work so hard to repress during the course of “my normal” life and talk through them. In a relatively short period of time, I made significant progress, such that I no longer felt so frantic and confused.

To this day, I consider Kalpana one of the people who have had the most significant impact to effect positive change in my life. I would recommend her, both as a counselor and as a career coach, to any of my friends or colleagues.

Testimonial 5

I can’t begin to say how much Kalpana has made an impact in my life. After a very bad break-up, I was having problems starting any serious relationships and my self confidence was very low. I also was harboring a lot of pent up anger that I would take out on my boyfriends or even friends that was really intended for my ex. I went to see Kalpana about a year and a half after the breakup. I thought the sadness and the sad feelings would just go away after that long, but they didn’t, so I decided to do something about it.

After only six weeks with Kalpana, I felt back to my old self again and even better. My self-esteem sky-rocketed, and she helped me understand the way I was feeling and how it tied back to relationships and events in my past.

Kalpana is always understanding and never judgmental, which enabled me to be myself and talk about what was really on my mind. She is a brilliant person and caring therapist, so if you are going through anything like I was, I would highly recommend her to help you be yourself again.

Testimonial 6

After being diagnosed with PTSD from an assault years earlier, I was fortunate to find that not only did someone perform EMDR in Atlanta, my chosen therapy to address my diagnosis, but I was also fortunate to find that Kalpana was that individual. Her warm, welcoming demeanor was disarming for someone that, for years prior, had a very difficult time opening up to anyone in a meaningful and honest way, family and friends included. She expertly guided me through my traumas and fears, allowing me the space to explore and heal while helping to put my unhealthy assumptions and assessments of these events and feelings into perspective. The progress I made with her is impossible to overstate, and I will forever be grateful for her expertise and kindness in helping me feel whole again.

Testimonial 7

Kalpana was able to give me what I needed. She is a wonderful person who I feel has a very unique gift to offer people. Her background in problem-solving for business, coupled with her fine-tuned intellect, her honesty, deep concern for people, and caring nature prove to be an unbeatable combination for a counselor who can truly offer outstanding results.

Testimonial 8

As a rising executive in the healthcare field, I believed myself to be an Ayn Rand inspired professional with “no pain, fear, or guilt”. But, when a particularly difficult career decision faced me, I found myself struggling to sleep, concentrate and bring my “A game” to work. I never imagined that I would even consider counseling, but when I discovered Kalpana, my concerns were put to rest. She brings years of experience in the business world to her extraordinary talent as counselor.

Her EMDR approach sounded strange, but she sent me to a website with rigorous research to support its effectiveness and speed. I jumped in with both feet and quickly resolved my professional issues. An added bonus is that my personal life seems to have improved as well. I highly recommend Kalpana to the business executive without the time or temperament for old school therapists. She is a new breed.

Testimonial 9

My job search would have taken much longer and not been nearly as productive without the insightful and experienced advice from Kalpana. In addition to the excellent strategic advice and direction she gave me, she quickly realized that I needed some emotional coaching as well. I had been downsized during the great recession of 2008/2009 after many years with my previous employer. I was struggling with how to process the normal self-confidence issues that accompany and unanticipated career change.

Kalpana has an exceptional ability to understand and empathize with these emotions. She is deeply kind, wise and spiritual in her approach to helping one walk the path to resolving these inner conflicts. With her help, I was able to adjust myself to a positive attitude for my job search and approach each interview with a constructive attitude towards my previous employment and future career goals.

Kalpana was an integral part of my receiving four good job offers and landing an excellent next career position. I recommend her highly to anyone for any kind of career counseling.

Testimonial 10

Kalpana, you were such a wonderful help to me during a very difficult time. I have pushed through the pain of my past, and I have finally learned to live in the present. My time with you was a piece of the puzzle in my healing process.

Testimonial 11

I worked with Kalpana soon after a traumatic loss happened. At first I thought maybe I needed to wait to go through more of a grieving process. I’m glad I didn’t wait. The EMDR therapy with Kalpana turned out to be a significant part of my healing process. It allowed me to think of my loved one fondly with clarity while still grieving as I had wanted.

I could not get past the trauma of having to make a sudden and quick decision to put my dog to sleep so as to not prolong his physical suffering. I also had intense pain around having no opportunity to say goodbye to him. Whenever I thought of my pet, all I could remember was the final images of him and my mixed feelings about the difficult decision I had to make without any warning.

After just a few hours of EMDR therapy, I was able to remember my dear pet without experiencing daily, frequent emotional pain every time I thought of him or saw other people enjoying walks with their dog. I was able to reconnect with positive, warm memories of my pet. The therapy also liberated me from doubt about his final hours.

I highly recommend Kalpana Murthy and her expertise in trauma and EMDR therapy to help you with the loss of a family member.

Testimonial 12

Working with Kalpana has been the best investment I made to myself this year. Through a few sessions, she was able to identify the area that I can best strengthen in myself as a corporate executive; it was a mind-changing experience. Often professional coaching and leadership training focus so much on the “professional images” or the “skills”, but not so much about who we truly are and how we can bring out our best self. Kalpana was able to reach much deeper and work with me from inside out. I would highly recommend Kalpana for someone who feels trapped in their career, or someone who wants to simply explore the potential within herself or himself.

Testimonial 13

I can honestly say Kalpana is a major reason for my emotional success today. I suffered from trauma associated with being a mother of a very ill child, and I did not know how to live in the present. I remember when Kalpana illuminated how I did not have to survive, but could thrive instead – she gave me the tools to thrive.

Through EMDR therapy and talk therapy sessions with Kalpana, I went from being anxious and dependent on sleeping medications to a person that is much more in control of my emotions and not dependent on pharmaceuticals anymore.

Testimonial 15

Kalpana, when I met you, I was going through a lot of things that were holding me back on multiple levels. I am grateful to you for helping me not only face them but move through them to the other side to find peace and possibility for a new life. That new life is what I’m living now, and a lot of that is because of you. Thank you for helping me to bridge the challenges I was facing internally and externally. Thank you for helping me find clarity so that I could actually hope for a different future. You’re an incredibly talented and kind person, and you’re able to work miracles with what you do and the way that you do it. I am so happy that I got to work with you on finding a new path.

Testimonial 16

Kalpana, thank you again for your help earlier this year. With your counseling, I was able to stay at my job longer. It was worth hanging on for. Thank you a million times over! Although we only spoke a few times, it was extremely worthwhile – – not just financially but emotionally as well. Thank you again for your wisdom and perspective.

Testimonial 1

My therapy with Kalpana began when I moved to Atlanta a few years ago. I was feeling helpless, hopeless and worthless not knowing anyone and struggling with a new job. After meeting with Kalpana on a bi-monthly basis, and being invited into the warm, open and accepting environment that she creates, I can honestly say it was well worth my visit, every time. Kalpana is effortlessly cool and completely non-judgmental. The only thing I used to detest more than having to admit I needed therapy (I’m 100% comfortable with it now) was meeting with therapists who made it clear that I was not their friend, I was a patient. Kalpana did no such thing. While I would never expect us to get dinner or drinks or meet at Piedmont Park on a Saturday, she made the whole experience much more humane and it changed my whole perspective on therapy. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to feel understood and comfortable in their own skin.

Testimonial 100

After my therapy with Kalpana my anxiety around men is greatly reduced. Now, I do not shut down and I feel more comfortable and able to focus. My relationship with my husband feels as if a straight jacket has been removed and I'm dancing around a clover field. Very strange, but nice!

I am also enjoying being able to converse with him without implosions which use to incapacitate me and cause me to retreat and completely give up, each time the pain being compounded. Now, he shows a willingness to do whatever it takes for me to feel comfortable in our relationship.

Before this therapy, I carried an inner tension, pain, heaviness that gripped me making everything harder than it had to be. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was very deep. I didn't have the energy and freedom I needed to live. The anxiety from being rejected by my Dad at such a young age had been trying to surface for years.

The EMDR therapy with Kalpana has also made more room in my brain for healing. It feels like space has opened up for progressive healing to take place, and that is happening automatically in other areas, because the anxiety affected more places than just the one concerning my relationship with men. Kalpana, thank you for being such a huge part of my recovery!

Testimonial 101

When I came to Kalpana I was in a place of darkness. I'd been attending cognitive behavioral therapy for almost 2 years, but was making little headway in overcoming a traumatic event from my childhood that had bled into my adulthood.
The memories of these events were the first thing I woke up and the last thing I went to bed with for. They haunted me everywhere I went, and I found myself beginning to slip into a deep depression.
EMDR was my last option before taking anti-depressants, which is something I wanted to avoid if it at all possible.
In only 8 sessions with Kalpana, I found a freedom I was worried I would never have again without medication.
I no longer suffer with symptoms of PTSD like I had before I started EMDR. I am able to walk through life now so much lighter thanks to the relief EMDR brought me.
I am so grateful to Kalpana for guiding me through to healing.

Testimonial 102

Kalpana, our recent phone conversation was so helpful. What I've gone through has been a lot to process. I'm very thankful for having met you as a therapist that helps speak into what so few understand.

Testimonial 103

The EMDR session we had online about the sudden relationship ending has really made a difference. I feel like the part of my brain that was whirring incessantly has finally been able to calm down. I knew the EMDR had worked when I saw a photo of the person, and I had no emotional reaction. That's amazing!

Testimonial 17

Kalpana, thank you for the healing conversations and restoring my mind, heart and spirit.