Relationship Breakup or Divorce Recovery

Recover from a Relationship Breakup or Divorce

The pain of a relationship breakup, divorce or a relationship betrayal or affair doesn’t always dissipate with time,  and the process becomes even harder when you or well meaning friends say “just get over it”. Often the pain of a relationship breakup, a divorce, an affair, or the end of a significant work relationship is compounded by prior experiences of emotional or physical abandonment, betrayal, emotional unavailability, or insecure relationships.

Whether your relationship ended recently or many years ago, we can work on resolving the impact this event has on how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others.

My therapy approach to helping you heal and feel better from this type of relational trauma addresses the following:

heartbreak recovery

  • Support and Symptom Relief and as you SWIRL through the stages of Heartbreak: Shattering, Withdrawal, Internalization, Rage, Lifting (This SWIRL model was created by Susan Johnson and described in her book The Journey from Abandonment to Healing)
  • A Mourning Process to Accommodate the Loss
  • Understanding and Reducing Attachment Hunger
  • Resolving Emotional and Physical Abandonment Issues
  • Strategies for Breaking Your Addiction to a Person
  • EMDR therapy to Decrease Depression, Increase Self-Esteem, and Fade Upsetting Images and Memories associated with the relationship trauma
  • Building Trust in Yourself and Others
  • Preparing for Better Future Relationships

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