Counseling – Here’s How I Can Help You:

CounselingDoes your inner critic, anxiety, upsetting or traumatic experiences interfere with your relationships, career, health and happiness? Here is a list of the types of counseling topics I commonly help men and women work through.

Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence

  • Inner Critic, Self-Doubt
  • Negative Beliefs about Yourself
  • Automatic Negative Thoughts
  • Shame, Guilt
  • Who Am I? What Do I Value, Like?
  • The Highly Sensitive Person

Impact of Childhood Experiences on Relationships and Career

  • Childhood Emotional Neglect, Lack of Affection
  • Childhood Lack of Attention, PraiseConcerned Woman
  • Childhood Abandonment, Loneliness
  • Childhood Abuse: Verbal, Sexual, Physical
  • Bullying, Rejection, Humiliation, Criticism
  • Adult Child of Narcissistic Parent
  • Adult Child of Alcoholic Parent
  • Family Dysfunction

Relationship Issues/Relationship Trauma

  • Dating Relationships
  • Relationship Break-up, Divorce
  • Trust Issues
  • People-Pleasing, Difficulty Saying “No”
  • Affair or Partner’s Addiction
  • Criticism, Rejection, Humiliation, Bullying
  • Upsetting Sexual Experiences or Sexual Abuse
  • Problematic Behaviors
  • Please note, I do not offer couples therapy

Career/Work Related

  • Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence
  • Perfectionism, Fear of Failure, Fear of Criticism
  • Work Stress
  • Fear of Public Speaking, Presentation Anxiety
  • Anxiety in Meetings, Sales Calls, High Performance Situations
  • Career Direction or Career Change
  • Transition to Self-Employment
  • Job Loss Emotions and RecoveryStress
  • Job Search Skills, Networking Skills
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile
  • Interview Coaching, Interview Anxiety
  • Writer’s Block, Getting Unstuck
  • Procrastination

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma

  • Anxiety – General, Social or Situation Specific
  • Depression – Chronic, Recent, Feeling Stuck
  • Shame, Anger, Guilt
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Recurring Bad Dreams
  • Stressful, Upsetting or Traumatic Experiences
  • Getting Unstuck

Traumatic Grief, Traumatic Loss

  • Suicide of family member or friend
  • Accidental Death of family member or friend
  • Sudden Death of Pet, putting pet to sleep
  • Job Loss, Business Bankruptcy

Physical Ailments, Medical Issues

  • Sleep Problems not resolved with other treatments
  • Gastrointestinal Problem not resolved with other treatments
  • Upsetting or Traumatic Medical, Dental Experiences

Here’s What Clients Say…