Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy – You Can Get Past Your Past. You Don’t Have To Just Live With It.

  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, anxious, on-guard, and depleted?
  • Does your mind get stuck on upsetting memories or critical thoughts about yourself?
  • You’ve tried to “just let it go” or to “just get over it”
  • Do you feel “I’m not good enough”?
  • Do you often fear rejection, abandonment or criticism?
  • Is it hard for you to trust your judgement or trust others?
  • Do you feel you’ve lost a part of yourself or have never known who you really are?
  • Do you cope by people pleasing, avoidance, or addictions?
  • Do you feel that no matter what you do you can’t get what you want?
  • Do you think your experiences were not traumatic enough for trauma therapy?

It’s Not You. It’s What Happened To You. You’re Life Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard.

I’ve helped clients get relief from these common problems that are often rooted in painful past experiences.

Trauma Recovery. Types of Trauma I’ve Helped Clients Heal From:

  • Abuse – emotional, verbal, sexual, physical, religious; at home, school, work, social.
  • Childhood Emotional Neglect – not getting enough of the good stuff, like: affection, praise, encouragement, attention, acceptance of who you are
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Betrayal – affairs, partner sex addiction, betrayal by family member, business associate, friend, religious group
  • Dysfunctional Family of Origin – adult children of alcoholic or narcissistic parent, abusive siblings, other chronic stress when you were growing up
  • Narcissistic Relationship – parent, spouse, partner, boss, friend
  • Traumatic Grief – sudden death by suicide, homicide, accident, illness, miscarriage, putting a pet to sleep.
  • Sexual Assault and Rape – date, marital, acquaintance, workplace, stranger
  • Relationship Breakup, Divorce
  • Medical or Dental Procedure Trauma, Prolonged or Sudden Illness
  • PTSD, Complex PTSD
  • Job Loss, Business Setbacks
  • Racial Trauma, Discrimination – gender, sexual orientation, religion, race
  • Bullying & Cyberbullying
  • Vicarious Trauma – witnessing or hearing about upsetting or traumatic events
  • Common Uncomfortable or Stressful Experiences that were not life threatening.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Life Threatening Event To Seek Trauma Therapy.

Sometimes people wait too long to seek counseling for common, stressful life experiences, because they feel their experiences were not traumatic enough or they feel they should be able to just get over upsetting experiences.
Common stressful experiences can be just as emotionally and physically traumatic as life threatening traumas.

Here’s How I Can Help You Spend Less Time in Therapy and More Time Enjoying Life:

Kalpana Murthy LPC & EMDR Therapist Atlanta

  • I have specialized in trauma therapy since I began working as a counselor in 2006.
  • I am a Certified EMDR Therapist. I have specialized in EMDR since 2006.
  • I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist.
  • I am a Trauma-Informed Therapist.

Trauma-informed means I’m looking at how your past experiences from childhood through the present led you to develop and maintain limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, and symptoms. Trauma-informed means I understand that you’re having a normal reaction to abnormal experiences or chronic stress.

  • I am skilled at trauma therapy, so you can spend less time in therapy and more time enjoying your life. Trauma therapy doesn’t have to take years.
  • I offer a holistic, integrative approach based on brain science, evidenced based treatments, and an understanding of how trauma gets stored in the body, not just the mind.
  • I am knowledgeable about the power of nutrition, mindfulness meditation, body based practices,and other drug-free approaches to reduce anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and other trauma symptoms.
  • trauma therapyI educate my clients, so they are less critical of themselves. This also gives them hope that they can feel better, because their brain and body can put the past to rest.
  • I have the wisdom and perspective from life experience and education. See my About page if you’d like to learn more.
  • I’ve worked with men and women age 18-80. It’s never too late to recover from childhood abuse and more recent trauma.
  • I’ve helped clients recover from a lifetime of upsetting or traumatic experiences, as well as clients who want to work on just a single incident or recent experiences.
  • I have a track record of helping clients heal from painful past experiences and trauma.

Here’s What Clients Say:

“I can honestly say that the therapy I experienced with Kalpana was life changing. Physical and emotional abuse during childhood led to a life that was shadowed with sadness and despair that kept me from being happy and enjoying my life. Kalpana’s skill as a therapist coupled with the EMDR has allowed me to move beyond the traumas of the past. I literally feel lighter! Thank you Kalpana, you have truly found your calling!”

“After being diagnosed with PTSD from an assault years earlier, I was fortunate to find Kalpana. Her warm, welcoming demeanor was disarming for someone that, for years prior, had a very difficult time opening up to anyone in a meaningful and honest way, family and friends included. She expertly guided me through my traumas and fears, allowing me the space to explore and heal while helping to put my unhealthy assumptions and assessments of these events and feelings into perspective. The progress I made with her is impossible to overstate, and I will forever be grateful for her expertise and kindness in helping me feel whole again.”

“The sessions have been immensely helpful. I feel more grounded and confident than ever before. Most importantly, you helped me to realize that I can move beyond ideals of perfection and trying to fit a certain mold. You helped me uncover and reprocess memories that have been roadblocks to me for many, many years. I’m certain that this therapy enabled me to reduce stress and improve my confidence in and out of work.”

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