Brain Health Coaching

Brain Health Education & Coaching

As part of my integrative, root cause approach to helping clients, I provide brain health educational information and questionnaires to educate you on drug-free, natural approaches that  have been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, irritability, fatigue, sleep issues, and other mood and behavior problems.These approaches include dietary changes, nutritional supplements, exercise and relaxation techniques.  These types of changes also improve brain functioning and reduce illness. I coach you on ways you can make these changes and create healthier habits that are practical and sustainable.

I educate you on other factors that could be causing your depression and anxiety, such as thyroid, hormones, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, exposure to mold or other toxins, lack of exercise, social factors.  I can refer you to health care professionals and other resources for lab work to assess these areas and determine the best combination of treatments for you.

Often clients come to me and they have been on prescription medication for many years and still have high symptoms. They want to go off of the medications for many reasons. If you have been on these medications for a while, when you try to go off of them, they can create debilitating symptoms. It is critical that you work closely with a MD, who can gradually taper your dosage and knows how to help you manage the symptoms.

Certified Brain Health Coach

The brain health assessments and brain function information I integrate into my counseling services are based on the extensive research and integrative health program developed by Dr. Daniel Amen, MD and used in the Amen Clinics around the country.

BHCCC-LogoI have completed training conducted by Dr. Daniel Amen and received the designation of an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach. This garners me access to their specialized assessment instruments, tools, resources and continuing education programs to help my clients improve their brain functioning.

Food As Medicine Philosophy

Green vegetable vitamin pillPrior to being introduced to the brain  health coach certification course material,  I had a long standing personal interest and first-hand experience in the power of food, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements to address mood, energy, and overall health.  I integrate my knowledge and resources from several functional medicine experts on how the foods we eat can treat mood issues, prevent disease, and improve brain health. I provide guidance on ways you can begin making these changes without feeling overwhelmed.

Please note, I do not provide medical advice, prescribe medications or supplements, or work as a nutritionist, dietician or medical doctor.  I do not sell or take a commission on any supplements that I discuss with you. My goal is to educate you so that you are an informed consumer regarding your health care.